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This is Me

Andrew has always felt like he’s had to hide from the truth, hide from who he is and hide from others.

Author : Anthony AmerenaIllustrator : Krista Brennan
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Beryl the Brahman

Beryl the Brahman and her station of friends find themselves on an epic outback adventure.

Author : Sally Jo WebsterIllustrator : Kate Rutter
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I Wish I Was a Fish

Oh, what a thrill it would be to have a tail and gills! Imagine breathing underwater water!

Author : Laura BridekirkIllustrator : Vanessa Fernandes
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Rapunzel's Heir

Now that Miri and Rapunzel are all grown up, Rapunzel brings her children to Magnolia Kingdomâs annual spring...

Author : Belinda Lui & Zoe Reddaway
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Stretch McCoy And The Timeless Cube

12-year-old Stretch McCoy has been having dreams, strange dreams, dreams within dreams.

Author : Sue NeudeggIllustrator : Matt Howorth
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