Little Steps – Terms of Trade


1.1.Payment of deposit will be regarded as agreement to be bound by these Terms of Trade.
1.2. Due to the substantial work involved in prepress, editing and design, the deposit will be forfeit if work has begun on the book and the book does not proceed to print stage. 

2. Delivery

2.1. Delivery of books to one metro address is included.
2.2. Shipping of books between Author/Distributor/Publisher after initial delivery, or initial delivery at outside-metro area will be an additional charge.
2.3. Title to the printed books does not pass to the Author from Little Steps until full invoice amount paid and received.


3.1.Because of the vast array of variables in international shipping, a timeline and exact date of delivery cannot be guaranteed.
3.2.We recommend scheduling any important dates (book launches etc.) two months after the ETA.

4.Warranties and Indemnity

4.1.You warrant to Little Steps that:
4.1.1.the book to be published is an original work by you, with all rights held by you; have the full power and authority to enter into these terms and to grant the rights and licences in these Terms of Trade; the best of the your knowledge having made all reasonable enquiries and exercised all reasonable care nothing in the book or any ancillary materials (excluding any material introduced by Little Steps or at its direction) is or will: the intellectual property rights of any third party; be defamatory; be misleading or deceptive; or be otherwise unlawful;
4.1.4. the book is not in the public domain in any country in the Territory where copyright protection is available;
4.2. You indemnify Little Steps against all loss, liability, damage or cost (on a full indemnity basis) incurred by or awarded against Little Steps arising out of or in relation to breach of the above warranties. This indemnification must be reduced proportionately to the extent that the relevant loss, liability, damage and cost as a direct result of the negligent acts or omissions of Little Steps.

5. Distribution

5.1. You grant to Little Steps a non-exclusive licence to publish and distribute your book.
5.2. Little Steps or its agents will endeavour to sell and/or licence the book, paying a royalty of 80% net receipts received by Little Steps.
5.3. Licencing of the work will not be made without your permission.
5. 4. Sales reports and royalty payments will be made bi-annually, 90 days following the royalty period.

6. Production

6.1. Any stock held by Little Steps or its agents on behalf of the author may also be used for sales, promotion and marketing.
6.2. As per usual industry practice, Little Steps will print to within a tolerance of 5% of the total order.  
6.3. In the event of over prints, Little Steps will offer excess books to the author at cost price.
6.4. After initial delivery, Little Steps offers no warranty for damage or loss arising from stock transported or held at any premises.
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