Karen Witt, author of 'The Claw' on claiming your identity as an author

July 8th, 2021

By Karen Witt

So, you think you’re an imposter to this new world of being an author? That somehow you don’t deserve to be in the same space as all of the other authors out there? Because you didn’t qualify or graduate or pass any sort of exam for this venture? You just wrote a book and it got published. Well goodo for you!

Imposter Syndrome is common among authors. It is often difficult to accept praise and recognition, and to believe that one is worthy of success, particularly when the industry boasts so many talented people. But you need to flick that little imposter monster within you to the kerb. Get rid of it. You are what you are because of you and a combination of your talent, determination and fortune. You are worthy and you are incredible because by publishing your book you have achieved the end result of a long investment of time and energy (and for some, money). That is an achievement in itself and worthy of accolades. So, take them.

There will be critics. Everyone has an opinion and the world is a diverse place full of interesting people. Shrug it off, use it as constructive feedback or fight back. Whatever your character, remember one thing: If people are talking about you, in whatever terms, it means that you have put yourself out there and had a go at something. That takes courage and for that you are worthy. 

So, soak it up. Relish the fame, if only short lived. You are inspiring others around you, without even knowing it.  

You are an author.

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