Psychologist Rachel Bridge on the inspiration for her book, 'The Puzzle of Us'

July 13th, 2021

By Rachel Bridge

When my children were born, and I begun this ever evolving journey of parenting, my hope was for my children and I to have a relationship filled with love, understanding, playfulness and respect.

It is my belief that the relationship between child and parent lays the foundation for how our children see others, the world, and most importantly themselves.  The research continues to show us that the caregivers who raise the children of our world, have the key to their future. It is through us, the caregivers, that children grow to thrive.

As a professional and now a parent myself, I truly begun to experience the pressure and the pull to be ‘the perfect parent’, and how far this can pull parents away from whats truly imperative to our childrens well being.  

Reading stories and doing puzzles, for my children and I, was the time, when the world around us went quite, and the connection between us grew strong.

For me, writing a story which offers a gentle, yet important message to parents, about what our children truly need and want from us, whilst engaging in connection through the sharing of a story, IS, the most powerful and impactful way to share a message.

With The Puzzle Of Us, I want to emphasize how it’s the simple things that truly are the most important to our children.  Its their connection and relationship with us, that offers them a way to truly experience the world, others and themselves in a wonderful way. Connection can be found in the tiny everyday things we do.

When we smile at our children and truly watch what they do, it shows them they are important and loved.  When we offer them our time, it shows them they are worthy of it. When we offer them our understanding it shows them that they are ok.  When we are with them, it gives them confidence to go out and explore the world.

Our time, and our kind, loving, nurturing presence, will raise a generation of kind, loving nurturing people … and oh what a world that would be.

If this book helps children to communicate their needs more clearly, or helps parents to pause and think ‘what can I do in this moment to show my child I am here, they are loved’, that would mean everything to me.

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