Rosie Rescues Her Precious Planet

March 21st, 2023

Where We Grew Up:

My Mum was born in India but my Grandparents migrated to Australia when she was one year old. She initially lived in Ballarat and Geelong but the family then moved to Melbourne when she was in her teens. 

I was born and raised in Melbourne and absolutely love it here. I love my life here with my mum, our pets and my friends and Melbourne will always be home. 

Our Writing Style In One Sentence: 

Our writing style is fun and imaginative where we like to absorb the reader's attention in our creativity as well as conveying an important message so that young children can be educated on how we can live in a better world.

What Our Book Is About: 

Our book is about the Treebles who live peacefully in a beautiful, flawless world and work every day to nurture their environment. However unknown to them, creatures called the Dregs live underground. The Dregs are greedy and selfish and having ruined and polluted their own world, then surface to the top looking for a new home to inhabit. They ultimately ruin the Treebles’ land, however brave little Rosie, with the help of the other Treebles reclaim their land in a valiant effort to preserve their precious world. The Dregs then realise their destructive impact on the environment and promise to work side by side with the Treebles so as to restore the land and work together to repair and rejuvenate their planet.


This is a story of the parallel between humans and nature and the imperative necessity of looking after our world, not using up all of the natural resources, preserving nature and its precious ecosystem and the life that it gives us, by working together with nature and not against it. 


Who Has Influenced You The Most in Your Writing Style:

My Mum and I think a number of writers have influenced our writing style. We both loved to read books throughout our lives. My Mum has read so many works ranging from authors like Enid Blyton and Joyce Lankester-Brisley and her series of books Milly Molly Mandy, to adult fiction with the likes of, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Daphne Du Maurier and found herself taken away into the worlds of Jane Austen, Charlotte and Emily Bronte.

When I was really young, I loved reading the works of Emma Thomson and her series of Felicity Wishes and the authors of Angelina Ballerina. Now that I am older, I also share a love for adult fiction written by authors like Jane Austen and the Bronte Sisters. 

We are influenced by their creativity and imagination and the way they captivate the audience with their characters and their lives, the storylines and the worlds that the authors create. We wanted to portray this same effect in our writing where people can become engrossed in Rosie's world and the characters involved. 


Which Book Would We Take Away To A Desert Island?

If my Mum could take one book away to a desert island, it would definitely be Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte.

If I could take one book away it would be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. 

Our Advice For Aspiring Writers:

Our advice for aspiring writers is that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Although it sounds cliche, we really believe that if you are passionate and enjoy what you write about, this will show through your writing and the readers will love the story just as much as you do. Don't be afraid to be creative, express yourself and use your imagination to create the story of your dreams. 

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