'The Rainbow Connection' author, Vanessa Parsons, shares her creative process

June 23rd, 2021

By Vanessa Parsons

I believe there is no one-fit process for writing/publishing a book that works for everyone, and success lies in finding a process that works for you. Whatever process this is, it's likely to be quite lengthy and involved. You may start out full of enthusiasm and it's only natural for this enthusiasm to wane over time. When this happens, you will need to rely on something other than enthusiasm to see your dream through to completion. This is where I found my life coach training and, in particular, the skill of asking better questions, invaluable.

Better questions are open-ended; solution focused; they have the ability to increase commitment; and keep you taking the action steps necessary to achieve your goal. Here are some of the better questions I used to support my writing/publishing process. I hope they support you in your own, unique process and help you to realise your book publishing dreams.

  1. What is the compelling reason why I must absolutely publish my book?
  2. How will this help me to stay motivated? What else will keep me motivated?
  3. What positive things will people say about my book when it is published?
  4. What is my greatest vision for my book?
  5. How can I increase my commitment to publishing this book?
  6. What timeframes will I set myself?
  7. What can I do to celebrate my achievements along the way?
  8. Who can I tell about publishing my book, who I know will support and encourage me?
  9. What is one thing I can do today that moves me closer to having a published book?
  10. If I was feeling fearless, what would I do today to support publishing my book?
  11. How can I make this the most engaging/interesting story possible?
  12. What more can I do to engage my desired audience?
  13. What can I do to make my book even better? (I asked this one regularly)
  14. Who do I know who is really great at writing and what advice would they give me?
  15. Who can I show my book to, who I know will give me constructive feedback?
  16. What haven't I thought of yet?

Asking these questions can help you to make consistent progress; thereby providing valuable motivation in what can often be a lonely pursuit. I hope that they will make the process easier and more enjoyable for you.
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