The Art of Taming Tantrums

Author : Sharon TurtonAge : 13 yearsA new perspective on parenting and a fresh, empowered approach to tantrums and emotional outbursts of all kinds. The Art of Taming Tantrums explores not just the tantrum itself, but also the emotional underbelly of the tantrum that drives the behaviour, causing angst and disconnection in family relationships. The Art of Taming Tantrums offers unique and effective tools to positively deal with toddler tantrums, tween and teen tantrums, and parental tantrums. Discover how to positively manage tantrum-causing emotions in your children - and yourself - and bring peace and harmony back into the home. Following the success of her books, The Art of Peaceful Parenting and Connecting Kids, experienced parenting counsellor and facilitator, Sharon Turton, saw the need for a deeper exploration of how toxic emotions can interfere with the bond between parents and their children.Release date : 1st November 2018
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-925545-92-0$24.95ADD TO BASKET
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About the Author

Author : Sharon TurtonSharon Turton has devoted herself to supporting parents and children, so they can grow to their full potential and deepen the precious parent/child bond. Around Australia and internationally, she has been facilitating emotional release work and improving relationships for over twenty years. Her first book, Connecting Kids with Their Inner Potential...READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

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