Author : Lyndall GoffIllustrator : Naya LazarevaAge : 3 - 8 yearsDuckdog is very different from his sisters and friends, and sometimes it's hard for him to fit in.
With some help and encouragement from Mumma Duck, Duckdog learns to embrace his uniqueness and enjoy being himself.
Release date : 1st November 2020
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-922358-22-6$16.95ADD TO BASKET
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About the Author and Illustrator

Author : Lyndall GoffLyndall Goff’s abundance of experience and education has provided her a unique outlook as a children’s author. Growing up, Lyndall knew what it was like to be different, overcoming challenges in her childhood, including dyslexia and ADHD. Being told she wouldn’t amount to any...READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR
Illustrator : Naya LazarevaAs a child, Naya decided to become an illustrator of children’s books. She graduated in Book Illustration, from the Printing and Publishing department at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. She predominantly uses watercolor and pencils. Her favourite genre to illustrate is Fantasy. She a...READ MORE ABOUT THIS ILLUSTRATOR

My sons new favourite book

I bought Duckdog as a present for one of my friend's daughter and found it to be such a beautiful story with meaning that I went out and bought it for my son.

A very sweet adorable main character and there is a lesson in it for everyone. Illustrations are wonderful. Highly recommend it as a gift and as a mainstay on your kids book shelf.
Stephanie -  15th January 2021

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