My Dog Bruiser Swallowed a Scooter

Author : Karen McKinleyIllustrator : Francesca QuatraroAge : 3 - 6 yearsBruiser is full of mischief and wants to eat everything in sight! When he woofs down a particularly interesting snack ... how will his humans react?Release date : 1st July 2024
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-922833-27-3$16.95Pre Order
HardbackISBN : 978-1-922833-28-0$26.95Pre Order
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About the Author and Illustrator

Author : Karen McKinleyKaren McKinley worked as a reporter for Channel Nine’s Gold Coast News, the Gold Coast Bulletin and was the communications director for The Punch Group PR agency and publicist for the Somerset Celebration of Literature (Somerset Storyfest). Karen has two teenage daughters and lives between the...READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR
Illustrator : Francesca QuatraroFrancesca has been illustrating for fifteen years and is passionate about hearing and telling stories. Not only stories that end up in books, but also personal stories about everyday people. It is from these stories that her ‘customised illustrations’ project was born. Francesca lives in...READ MORE ABOUT THIS ILLUSTRATOR

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