The Boy Who Lost His Fun

Illustrator : Jelena Jordanovic-LewisAge : 3 - 6 yearsWhen Henry wakes up one morning, he discovers that he's lost his fun!
Join Henry as he discovers the meaning of true happiness.
Release date : 1st August 2020
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-925839-66-1$14.95ADD TO BASKET
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About the Illustrator

Illustrator : Jelena Jordanovic-LewisJelena is an illustrator born in Old Yugoslavia but grew up in Germany. Her passion for understanding the dynamics of nature led her to study physics, and work as a researcher. She recently returned to her first love of drawing and painting, fuelled by her introduction to art when she was young by a classical Serbian artist. Jelena lives with her brave, adventurous baby girl and her lovely husband in the UK, but she tends to move where the winds of life take her.READ MORE ABOUT THIS ILLUSTRATOR

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