The Ordinary Animals

Author : Rune WoodmanIllustrator : Jyoti Di-ColaAge : 8 - 12 yearsIn his last year of primary school, Albert becomes lost while escaping from bullies.
He finds himself in an underworld of storm-water drains and sewers, where he befriends an ageing rat, a small bird and a crazy echidna.
His new friends believe his visit is the fulfilment of a prophecy that he will save the animals from the control of the evil King Rat and his mistress The Witch.
All Albert wants is to get home, but secretly the animals defy his wishes and set him on course with the prophecy. 
Release date : 1st July 2012
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-921042-94-2$14.99ADD TO BASKET
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About the Author

Author : Rune WoodmanAfter a long career in software development, pretending he wasn't a writer, Rune Woodman decided it was time to stop hiding and write his first novel. He had expected that he might write for adults - an exciting political thriller, a murder mystery or something scandalous - but instead a boy, small for his age and running from bullies, insisted on ...READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

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