Careers at Little Steps Publishing

Little Steps in the journey of your professional career

Just as our authors are important to us so is our staff. We aim for a non-corporate environment, which is an enjoyable place to work each day. We go to great lengths to look after our employees, and to give our authors the best publishing experience in the industry. 

If you are enthusiastic about publishing, hardworking, and looking for a great place to work, then you will enjoy being on our team!


At Little Steps we connect the right author and illustrator on a freelance basis.  We welcome illustrators at all stages of their career to submit their work to us. 

We’ll only be in touch if we think you’d be a good fit. If you’re not successful, it isn’t the end of the road and it’s definitely not a negative reflection on your portfolio. Perhaps you need more time to develop your work, or we have too many artists with similar styles.

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