Author Bianca Richardson

Bianca Richardson has spent the last 12 years studying, travelling, falling in love and creating a family. After completing a Bachelor of Communication Studies majoring in Radio and Journalism she changed direction and spent seven years working on super-yachts. This adventurous new chapter took her around the world to some of the most
inspiring, remote spots on the planet while connecting her with other wild-at-hearts. She met her partner in Spain and they continued traversing the globe both on and off boats.
After the birth of her daughter in 2017 she enrolled in a Masters in Human Rights at Auckland University of Technology which she completed with first class honours/distinction. Writing has always been Bianca's passion and it has been a fulfilling side project throughout her studies and travels. Since relocating with her fiancé and daughter to the UK she hopes to concentrate on the many children’s books and novels that have been simmering away – many of them near completion.
‘I’m Bigger Than You’ is the tip of a very exciting, literary iceberg.

Books by Bianca Richardson

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