Author Charmaine Oates

Charmaine Oates lives close to the beach in South Australia where her favourite day of the week is Wednesday. On this day she spends the afternoon chatting to her three children, preparing dinner, reminiscing about life gone by and deep philosophical conversations to boot!
On other days, she works as a Child and Family Health Nurse with children under five years of age and their families. With around 30 years of child health wisdom, she has the uncanny ability to see life through a young child’s experiences. She believes that spending quality time and including our children in everyday life events is one of the best gifts we can give them.
Mummy! Where Are You? is Charmaine Oates’ first book, and was inspired by her third child Hamish and all those toddlers vying for their mum’s attention.

Books by Charmaine Oates

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