Author and Illustrator Christopher Maxwell

Christopher Maxwell is an aspiring Australian illustrator with a strong passion for children’s picture books, and a desire to create beautiful images that tell a story. He has always been drawn to detailed illustrations portrayed with great visual information, using a more refined technical approach. As a child, he found himself getting lost in illustrations and being fascinated by the depth of imagery.
Christopher’s unique style is comprised of multi-layered watercolour washes with intricate details and crisp clean lines. He likes creating dreamlike situations with fanciful compositions in bright colours, high in saturation and contrast, with complementing subtleties. His preferred mediums are watercolour (a personal favourite), graphite pencil, ink, pastel, mixed media, acrylic, digital and sculpture. He greatly admires fellow illustrators Aaron Becker, Shaun Tan, Levi
Pinfold, David Wiesner, Oliver Jeffers, and Eric Rohmann, to name a few. His strong belief is that children’s illustrations should not only appeal and bring joy to the youngest minds, but also be appreciated and admired by parents and grandparents alike, by evoking nostalgic feelings. You can find him on Instagram @christophermaxwellart and Facebook @cmaxwellart.
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