Author Dr Nickers

Dr Nickers (pseudonym of Dr Nicole Hess) grew up in the sun and the surf of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. As a child, Nicole dreamed of becoming a story book writer when she grew up. As it happened her first published works were academic articles and research papers... not quite what she had in mind. Maybe she hadn’t fully grown up yet! These days Nicole also likes to write for fun and she hopes that her playful and quirky manner will be portrayed through her story telling. Charlie and The Hall of Mirrors is Nicoles first story book. Nicole currently works as a psychologist and children’s yoga instructor. As a psychologist, Nicole’s special interest is working with children, adolescents, and in the field of Neurodiversity. Nicole is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys surfing, swimming, mountain bike riding, bushwalking, rock climbing, roller skating, and lots of other cool stuff. Currently Nicole lives in Queensland with her partner, son, several cats, and Fergus Anderson – the turtle.

Books by Dr Nickers

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