Illustrator Emma Stuart

Emma Stuart has been illustrating Children’s books for the past 20 years. In this time she has illustrated over 200 books. Published by Hachette, New Frontier, Little steps, Brolly Books and Book Group, Emma has also recently worked on a title for the Duchess of York through Serenity Press. In August 2023, Emma had her first author / illustrated early childhood picture book published by Serenity press; "Peewii and the Tree". A book aimed at teaching little ones about the magic and importance of trees.

Emma works primarily with water colours, but also works with acrylics, oils, pen and ink and pencil. Her characters are full of life and bring a real sense of ‘light heartedness’ to the reader. Emma can work in a large range of genre’s and styles, from highly detailed realism to simple character based illustration. Recent awards and acknowledgements include 2021 "Literary Titan Book Awards" for "Charlie, Blue and Larry Lamppost" (written by Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York). “International book awards FINALIST” for “Climb” (written by Caroline Tuohey) 2014. Shortlisted for Australia’s “Speech Pathology” book of the year awards 2013. As well as illustration, Emma also exhibits landscape works regularly.

Books by Emma Stuart

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