Author Eugenia Eon

Eugenia Eon began her writing career with publications in academic journals on economics and finance. For many years, she conducted linguistic research
and passionately worked with kids and families all around the globe to help people preserve their cultural and family heritage through their mother tongue. These fields of interests combined have given birth to numerous successful and unique projects such as ‘Bilingual Child’, ‘Eon Move’, ‘Eon Reading Club’ and more. In 2020, Eugenia started publishing her works of fiction for both adults and children. Being constantly overwhelmed with ideas and stories, Eugenia is excited to share the adventures that pop into her head. Eugenia Eon’s mission is to show how mastering languages substantially broadens life perspectives and leads to living a life fulfilled with miracles and kindness.

Books by Eugenia Eon

Funny the Little FoxFrom $4.95Ebook Paperback 
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