Author Eva May

Eva has wanted to be a writer as far back as she can remember and so, at the age of four, she taught herself to read by matching stories she knew by heart to those strange black hieroglyphics on a white page. Once she knew what the letters stood for, she could write. She did, and she never stopped.
Eva was born in Germany, and came to Australia at age 14. This meant that she had to learn to write in a new language, but it took time to feel at home in it.
She has had seven books published and stories, articles and poems featured in magazines and anthologies.
After leaving school, Eva trained as a kindergarten teacher and worked in the field for a few years. She has been a sales assistant in a bookshop, a portrait model for artists and art students, and conducted classes and workshops in Confident Living. She also has her own business making and selling costume jewellery, and managed and compered a concert group performing at senior citizens’ centres, hospitals and social functions. Over the years she has painted pictures and composed songs.
Eva loves spending time with her family and friends (her husband John, a chartered accountant, died four years ago, but she has two lovely daughters, a wonderful son-in-law, and four fine grandsons). She also enjoys playing her electronic keyboard (she gave up the violin some time ago), going on holidays to always new places, crosswords, quizzes and, of course, writing.

Books by Eva May

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