Illustrator Ffranses Ingram

Growing up Ffranses was never allowed to go out without bringing back a story from the Welsh village. This led to one’s eyes and ears being open all the time, and major embellishments added to complete the story for retelling around the kitchen fire.

In her illustrations, Ffranses shows the ordinary becoming extraordinary by embracing our adventurous, imaginative side, and leaving the mundane and prosaic aspects of life to experience different sorts of reality. Ffranses is fascinated by the little dramas that are played out quietly alongside the main action. The inspiration for this is Joseph Wright, who does this so beautifully in Frank Muir’s What-A-Mess.

Studying drama and voice production, Ffranses gained work upon arrival in Australia as a storyteller for the South Australian Education Department and School of the Air. Her stories have been screened and published in Australia and America.

She gained her visual arts degree, and Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration from Enmore Design Centre, so she can further her passion for creating picture books that are lifelong companions and pathways to extraordinary ways of being.

Books by Ffranses Ingram

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