Author Gabriella Brennan and Teddy Hicks

Author Gabriella Brennan, the mother of Teddy, drew inspiration from the immediate bond she saw when Lala came into Teddy’s life–a birthday gift that has seen years of friendship and love blossom. In real life, this connection has been defined by special experiences shared and many lessons learned. Gabriella has incorporated these lessons into defining themes within each book. As you turn the pastel-filled pages, illustrated by Teddy herself as well as Andrew McIntosh, you feel the energy created by the secret language Teddy and Lala share. This series is set at their beachside home on the magical island of Bali. Teddy & Lala: A Birthday Surprise was written in both English and Indonesian to leave a lasting legacy of this special time and to also pay homage to Teddy’s Indonesian heritage.

Books by Gabriella Brennan and Teddy Hicks

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