Author Helen Lear

Helen Lear is a communications consultant, writer and author.

Since becoming a mum of two boys, Helen has aspired to create her own stories that will engage, entertain and inspire them and other children to become strong, brave and kind young people.

As a child growing up in the southwest of England, Helen had a passion for writing and books, often producing illustrated short stories to give to family and friends.

She went on to focus on language and literature in her studies before heading off to travel the world, finally arriving in Sydney, Australia in 2005 and putting down roots.

Her career as a communications consultant and writer saw her love for the written word continue to grow, until writing her own book became the obvious next step.

In 2020 Helen’s first book baby was born, Frankie Pants & Mr Fox, an ode to the family’s beloved cat, Frankie.

Helen now lives on the South Coast of New South Wales with her partner and two little terrors, sadly minus the cat.


Books by Helen Lear

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