Illustrator Jennifer Bruce

Jennifer Bruce (also known as Jennifer Rose Bruce) grew up in Dunblane in Scotland. As a child, she loved reading and drawing, and wrote stories with drawn pictures to go with them. Her particular favourite was drawing animals.

After she finished school, Jennifer went to art college in Dundee, where she learned more about drawing and design. Following graduation, she worked as a jeweller, a creative skills instructor in a hospital, and a drawing tutor. Jennifer was first introduced to Fitzy Fox when Amelia came to her drawing class in Edinburgh and told her she had written a story about a fox terrier. Immediately drawn to the story, Jennifer helped her create the initial illustrations and then became the book’s illustrator.

'Who is Fitzy Fox?' is the first book she has illustrated and she has had great fun creating the character of Foxy and drawing the other animal characters and places in Melbourne and London that he visits. She hopes the reader enjoys the book.

Books by Jennifer Bruce

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