Illustrator Karina Jambrak

Australian artist Karina Jambrak captures vast landscapes in all their beauty, evoking feelings of optimism and freedom. Her works are inspired by an untouched land; a mesmerising oasis home to exotic animals, peacefully roaming amongst lush plains. The temperature is pleasantly balmy and when the golden sun sets, the richly coloured sky is filled with infinite stars.
In 2005, Karina graduated from the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic and Textile Design. Since then, she has pursued a flourishing design career combining her artistic ability with graphic skills. Her hand-drawn works and unique approach to art and design has led Karina to design for and collaborate with many iconic Australian and international brands.
You can find her on Instagram @karina_jambrak and Facebook @karinajambrakart.
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