Illustrator Kimberly Andrews

Kimberly Andrews trained as a biologist and geologist and grew up in the Canadian Rockies. She has lived and worked in New Zealand, Borneo and the UK. In London, she worked for The House of Illustration (whose main ambassador is Quentin Blake) and The Natural History Museum. Kimberly’s picture book illustrations have been widely acclaimed. She was awarded Storylines Notable Book Awards for Tuna and Hiriwa by Ripeka Takotowai Goddard (2016) and Song of the River by Joy Cowley (2019). In 2019, she wrote and illustrated Puffin the Architect, which won the Russell Clark Award for Illustration and was a finalist for Best Picture Book in the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. She has created 3 more books in this series, including Hound the Detective, Moose the Pilot and Goose the Artist. Kimberly lives with her family in a small shipping-container house near Wellington, where she illustrates and writes, and runs her business,
Tumbleweed Tees, screen printed clothing featuring her illustrations of New Zealand plants and wildlife.

Books by Kimberly Andrews

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My Turn $14.99Paperback 
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