Author Leanne Bennett

Leanne Bennett was born and raised in the Mallee in Victoria. She grew up on a farm and she enjoyed growing up with farm animals. She now lives at Dixie in southwest Victoria. She lives and works on the dairy farm with her family and lovable dog Tameeka (nicknamed Mutley). Follow Mutley having lots of exciting adventures on her farm. Leanne is currently working on book 2 and book 3 of Mutley’s Dairy Farming Adventures. This will complete a year of Mutley living on the farm. Mutley is a 4 year old German Wirehaired pointer dog and is Leanne’s inspiration for writing. Leanne told her family she could write a book about Mutley having adventures on her farm. They encouraged her to do it as she is a very special dog to Leanne and helps to reduce her anxiety. Mutley’s Dairy Farming Adventure is Leanne’s first publication.

Books by Leanne Bennett

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