Illustrator Lene Holmen

Lene Holmen is a Graphic Designer & Illustrator from Norway. She has a BA(hons) in Imagemaking and Design from the University of Hertfordshire, UK where she worked as a graphic designer for many years. However, her passion is for illustration, especially of wildlife and nature. She illustrates wildlife in order to raise awareness of the dangers so many of our precious species are facing. She regularly donates her work to animal welfare organizations in order to contribute in raising funds for a variety of causes. Amongst these are NOAH, an animal rights organization protecting large predators in Norway and The Otter Collective in India who works to ban illegal pet trade of otters. She has also donated artwork in Australia in order to help with the rescue and rehabilitation of the victims of bushfires. She is passionate about animal welfare, and combining her love of animals with her love of art, is a dream come true for Lene. She believes that one engaging image can reach much further than a million words ever could, and this is why she will always carry drawing... for the animals.
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