Author Liz Oxenbury

Liz developed the character of Charlie when she had a clothing business many years ago. Charlie was created to be the mascot for the fledgling business, but soon grew a life of his own. Performing at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Hard Rock Café and the Teddy Bears Picnic to name a few, Charlie became very popular in his own right. After the business was sold, Charlie remained under Liz’s stairwell (much like Harry Potter)for several years, but Liz was very passionate about what Charlie could offer children and decided to write a book about him. She wanted to use his adventures and uniqueness to send powerful messages to children. Liz’s dream is to have Charlie perform to children again and to read his book with kids. Liz is a mother to two beautiful children and lives in Melbourne, Victoria.

Books by Liz Oxenbury

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