Author Loraine Rushton & Adele Vincent

Adele is a neuroscientist retrained as a yoga and meditation teacher for adults and kids, She is experienced in teaching Japanese meridian-based yoga (yoga therapy) and several styles of hatha yoga. She’s taught children from kinder up and adults of all ages. Adele’s mission is to make yoga therapy and meditation accessible to kids and adults so that all people may live to their full potential as intuitive, creative and joyful human beings. Adele teaches in person and online ( and writes whenever the inspiration strikes. Butterflies Be Gone is her first picture book. She has 2 gorgeous boys and lives in Hobart.

Adele has teamed up with Loraine who is an emerging children’s book author. Butterflies Be Gone is her first picture book published with Little Steps Publishing.

Books by Loraine Rushton & Adele Vincent

Butterflies Be GoneFrom $4.99Ebook Hardback 
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