Illustrator Michelle Ferguson

Michelle Ferguson lives on the Mornington Peninsula, with her noisy husband, two energetic boys, a geriatric Labrador who thinks he’s a puppy, two chickens who think it’s normal for chickens to be licked, kissed and cuddled, and four sensible gold fish ... who hide. She takes adventures, musings and daily family antics and tries to translate them into pictures ... in hope that those pictures will make someone smile. She uses a range of traditional mediums and creates mixed media work.

Michelle works part-time as a primary school teacher and enjoys sharing her love of illustrations and picture books. She will blab on and on to anyone who will listen about how important and powerful good picture books are for big kids as well as little kids. During her teaching degree Michelle majored in Children’s Literature. She went on to complete post graduate studies in Children’s Literature and also holds a degree in Contemporary Visual Arts and a Diploma of Illustration.

Books by Michelle Ferguson

My Humans $17.99Paperback 
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