Author Narelle Wynter

Narelle Wynter has always had a keen interest in books and was an avid reader from an early age. She wrote her first book whilst in high school and her love of literacy and children, saw her venture into a career as a paediatric speech pathologist. Life became very busy juggling a career, raising four sons (including twins) with her husband, and pursuing goals such as running marathons and half marathons. Despite all of life’s ‘busyness’, Narelle continued to remain passionate about working with children to help develop their literacy skills. She can never pass a bookshop without popping in to buy one or two children’s books even though her children are now grown up. Narelle has been inspired to write her own children’s books, using themes that have a positive message, utilising language to assist the child in developing their own reading skills, and aiming to engender a love of reading.

Books by Narelle Wynter

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