Author Natalie Drake, Layla Drake, Scarlett Drake

Natalie and her daughters Layla and Scarlett live in Adelaide. While in isolation and adapting to change themselves, they stumbled upon some caterpillars and learned as much as they could about the fascinating animal. With so many questions, providing so many surprising answers, they decided to make a book for other children and parents alike to unlearn the misconceptions about the magical creature, and in the process, they found similarities in experiences that may connect humans to caterpillars.
Natalie is determined to teach her daughters about entrepreneurship and self-belief, and this inspiring story has led them to start a candle-making business called Young Hearts, Big Dreams, which earned them enough money to welcome their first pet into the family – a little puppy called Bentley.

Books by Natalie Drake, Layla Drake, Scarlett Drake

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