Illustrator Nia Gould

Nia is a designer and illustrator from Devon in the UK. She lives with her partner, little girl and gang of three cats. (Although if she had her own way there would be more.) Graduating in 2008 from Falmouth University with a first-class degree in Graphic Design, she worked for 10 years in the arts industry. During this time she set up her own business – illustrating and creating cards, print, pins and stationery with a focus on art history and cats. This passion and drive to do what she loves has since allowed her to become a full-time illustrator working both for herself and as a freelancer for many clients. Nia illustrates digitally and draws inspiration from art history, the natural world and her love of animals. Experimenting with an array of textures and techniques, she creates fun and magical illustrations on a variety of subject matters. Nia can be contacted on Instagram @niagouldstudio and Facebook niaskistudio.

Books by Nia Gould

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