Author Oleta Blunt

New Zealand-born, and Australian-bred, Oleta has sought adventure and play all her life. Having spent her younger years traveling the world, the now mother of
three spends her days on a sheep farm in NSW Central West, working as a Marketing Officer for a non for profit. A social and inquisitive creature, Oleta is inspired by the minds of her daughters; their eagerness to explore all there is to know about the world and those that inhabit it - a wanderlust she is familiar with.
Oleta’s passions have always been, community, connection, and compassion and as a trauma survivor living with complex PTSD, she wants to ensure that her children grow up with an understanding and appreciation for their big emotions and the emotions of others; with the hope, through storytelling, to teach them fundamental life skills which will help them to navigate relationships, build healthy habits and regulate their nervous systems.

Books by Oleta Blunt

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