Author Raveena Grace & Mridula Chopra

Mridula and Raveena are a Mother-Daughter writing team and first-time authors. Mridula has an Arts Degree in English Literature from The University of Melbourne and has also completed a course in Graphic Design. Like Raveena, she has a deep appreciation for the environment and love for animals and animal welfare. Mridula loves being outdoors whether it be near the ocean or the mountains. Raveena works as a sustainability Engagement Officer and has completed a Masters Dregree at The University of Melbourne in Environmental Science and Climate Change. Her passion for the environment and sustainability drives her every day to do what she can for our planet and she loves empowering individuals to make a difference and carry this knowledge into action in their daily lives.’ Mridula and Raveena have always been passionate about writing and being creative. With the shared goal of educating and encouraging young children, who are our future, the importance of looking after our planet and its precious ecosystem, Mridula and Raveena have written Rosie Rescues Her Precious Planet.

Books by Raveena Grace & Mridula Chopra

Rosie Rescues her Precious PlanetFrom $4.99Ebook Hardback Paperback 
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