Illustrator Romina Scarpanti

My pseudonym is, in fact, Magmatika. But my real name is Romina Scarpanti. I am an illustrator and graphic designer, but above all a Creative! My work is all passion and imagination!

Since 2016 I have been a COLLABORATOR (as graphic designer and illustrator) of GARDALAND! I have experience as a screenwriter: years ago I had the great honor of attending the Screenwriting course at the Disney Academy in Milan and a few years later I was lucky enough to collaborate with Silver, creator and author of the Mythical Lupo Alberto.

More recent are my collaborations, as an illustrator, with Mariotti Publishing, a publishing house dedicated to the world of childhood. In 2017 I published my first children's book: Taylor Tales - Without Heart. Since 2018 I have been collaborating as an illustrator (and soon also as an author) with the Il Ciliegio publishing house and from 2019 with Ouverture Edizioni!
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