Author Sally Scudamore

Sally Scudamore is a Speech Pathologist and first-time author, originally from Goondiwindi, South East Queensland. Sally grew up on a farm with two brothers, two sisters, a mother, and a father who all love to tell fantastic tales. These stories are most often inspired by the everyday antics of a core group of quirky farm animals. Sally now has ten nieces and nephews, for whom the family tradition of storytelling has continued. When Sally moved to the United Kingdom in 2016, sharing stories over video chat became the way to maintain relationships and connection with her nieces and nephews. Rusty, often the star of these stories, saw the potential for a wider audience and took matters into his own paws. He pulled quite the publicity stunt when he made his adventure to Snowtown, South Australia. The overwhelming public interest in Rusty’s story was the catalyst for Sally to create a book which captures not only Rusty’s mischievous ways, but a little of rural Australian culture.

Books by Sally Scudamore

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