Author Sarah Watts

Sarah is a debut author passionate about raising the profile of epilepsy. The physical, emotional, social and developmental journey of her preschool son’s
epilepsy diagnosis was her inspiration for this book. She hopes that it will normalise the lived experience of epilepsy and reaffirm for children that they
can tackle whatever challenges may come their way.

For parents, siblings, friends, peers and carers, she hopes that this book provides a catalyst for conversation, and an understanding of some of the realities for children living with epilepsy in an engaging and relatable way.

Outside of writing, she has worked in urban planning and development over the past 15 years. Sarah has held roles in government and consulting, and
even established her own practice.

She is an active community member. She was awarded the Property Council of Australia (PCA) 2022 ACT ‘Rising Star’ award for her contributions to the property industry, and served as Founder and Convenor of the Planning Institute of Australia ACT Division of the Women’s Planning Network 2020– 2022. She currently serves on the PCA ACT Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee.

Books by Sarah Watts

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