Author Shaun Bartlett

Shaun Bartlett grew up in a household filled with music; there were so many instruments that a small orchestra could have lived there. He first discovered the true power of written words when reading a high school assignment brought his teacher to tears. Many years later, a relocation from the United Kingdom to Australia unexpectedly gifted Shaun the opportunity to be a stay-at-home dad for the first months after the birth of his daughter, Mariella. Although he was still giddy from lack of sleep he was flooded with emotions of joy and gratitude. Shaun soon set about documenting the journey through pregnancy in a way that his children would be able to understand and give their mother the appreciation that she truly deserves.
Shaun currently works professionally as an Engineer in Melbourne, while he continuously seeks opportunities to inspire children through writing and music.

Books by Shaun Bartlett

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