Illustrator Soraya Bartolomé

Soraya Bartolomé was born in Córdoba in the South of Spain in 1982.
She grew up in a family of artists, so she learned different painting techniques
very soon in her mother's painting studio. In 1990 she began studying piano
at the Music Conservatory of Córdoba for ten years. When she finished her
music studies and her studies in the Art Institute in Córdoba, she started to
study a degree in Musical Education in the University Complutense of Madrid
and then Musicology degree in the University Autónoma of Madrid.

Since 2010 she has been working in the field of adult education that she
combines with her musicology projects. Her interest in children's illustration
was cultivated during her infancy until today, and for this reason, in
December of 2016, she decided to dedicate her time and her enthusiasm to
become a professional children’s illustrator. During this time she has worked
as an illustrator on projects in the USA and UK, and she has self published a
personal project: “Las Aventuras de Osito Dani.”
Her illustrations are adorable, colourful and tender with a strong personality
which is part of the sweet world of colours in Soraya's drawings.

Soraya lives in a small village called Pedrezuela in Madrid (Spain) with her
son and her husband where she works in educational and illustration projects.
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