Author Steven Krygger

Steven Krygger is a secretly creative mind working as a member in the public sector in Melbourne, Australia. He has been working in the helping profession
for 13 years, and storytelling has been a creative outlet for him during and well before this time.
After 10 years working in schools with youth disorders and disabilities, Steven had spent time with many young people who felt lonely, different and outcast from those around them. Steven found his passion for helping youth and has taken this dedication with him as he advanced his career into the public sector.
Since becoming a member of the public service, Steven has seen a lot more of the impacts on our society based on the way people perceive and treat one another. This, in addition to what he had learned working in youth disability, caused a redirection for the goals of his creative projects. He would use his love for writing and the power of storytelling as a force for good.
To Steven, I Think That It’s a Monster is more than a published title – it is a powerful tool to educate children on how we should include one another and look beyond our initial judgements. Website:

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