Author Sue Neudegg

In another life, Ms Neudegg is a practicing lawyer who has no room in her tiny flat for a cat but who aspires to, one day, own two goldfish named Niels and Bohr. Stretch McCoy is inspired by her experiences as a single mother while completing her Law degree. Her son grew (and kept on growing) to become a six-foot five drummer and her daughter now works with the rare gift of panache in dealing with people.

Ms Neudegg’s previous published works include a radio play, Over Shoes, produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2007. She has written and co-written lyrics for albums A Love Divine, Hard Working Man Blues, A Sense of Place and The Thrill all by the Keith Hall Blues Band. She is currently working on her first novel for adults, a collection of short stories and the sequel to Stretch McCoy and the Quantum Enigma. Having the ability to somehow create something from nothing, South Australia-based Ms Neudegg has also discovered a life where she is currently learning French and bass guitar.

Books by Sue Neudegg

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