Alcheringa Snow: A Tale About Winter

Author : Toni CaryIllustrator : Toni CaryAge : 3 - 10 yearsWhen snow comes down in the Snowy Mountains, at Alcheringa it’s a special time for dreaming.Release date : 1st December 2017
HardbackISBN : 978-0-980723-72-4$29.95ADD TO BASKET
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About the Author and Illustrator

Author and Illustrator : Toni CaryToni Cary has drawn since early childhood, showing considerable aptitude since the age of five. In her last year of high school, she produced a large abstract painting titled ‘Figurative Movement through Space’ for her final piece of artwork, which won her second in the state of New South Wales. This award, along with the art portfolio she presented, assisted her entrance at age 16 to the National Art School in East Sydney. Throughout her life, Toni won numerous awards for creative writing. For four years in a row, she won three firsts and a second place for contemporary poetry under the auspices of the Sydney Cultural Council....READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR

Rowan, Audrey and Me

We read it once, we read it twice, and more! each time we read this delightful story it made us feel part of an enchanted world, and that we have many friends in this special place.
Since reading the story, my grand children, who love all the creatures in the story, also wanted to visit Alcheringa. They have spent days at the snowy and loved it.
We certainly look forward to the sequel of this magic, charming story!
Pauline Ingall -  30th August 2018

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