Ministry in Disaster Settings: Lessons from the Edge

Author : Stephen RobinsonAge : 13 yearsFew people would doubt the place of the church in caring for those in need. In recent times our society has become increasingly aware of its vulnerability to loss and large-scale devastation through disasters of human and natural origin. Until this time, very little has been written to address the issues of ministry in such circumstances. Little preparation in relation to trauma ministry has been given to church-based caregivers in their ministry training and little has been passed on from those who have experience to share. Ministry in Disaster Settings: Lessons from the Edge came about through interviews with ministers and others who have shared the grace of God in the most intense of circumstances, specifically in major Australian disasters. It explores the realities of such ministry and its effect on ministry agents and explores the issues of post-traumatic stress and recovery. It brings some important lessons to bear on all ministry agents and those who care for them. A wide range of people find this book valuable: Ministers and chaplains in training and in practice; peer and pastoral support teams; denominational leaders and other carers of clergy including clinical psychologists dealing with clergy recovery. This resource is also informative for lay people wanting to know more about the theology and practice of trauma ministryRelease date : 1st January 2010
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About the Author

Author : Stephen RobinsonRev. Dr. Stephen Robinson is a Uniting Church Minister at Lugarno in the Georges River area of Sydney. He has been a volunteer chaplain and firefighter with the NSW Rural Fire Service serving in three fire districts since 1996. Stephen is a member of the NSW/ACT Synod’s Disaster Recovery Committee, coordinator of its newly formed Peer Suppo...READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

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