Fearless Wings

Author : Natashea GeorgeIllustrator : Isabel LozanoAge : 3 - 8 yearsHaving to sleep in their own rooms for the first time gives Ava and Levi the shivers, but their parents take them on an unforgettable adventure that turns all that around.Release date : 1st March 2020
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-925839-54-8$16.95ADD TO BASKET
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About the Author and Illustrator

Author : Natashea GeorgeNatashea has 12 years of experience in Early Childhood Education. She has always loved working closely with children and their parents to overcome any difficulties that either may go through. Both her and her husband live with 2 poodles that run the house in Australia. She has designed a program for...READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR
Illustrator : Isabel LozanoIsabel Lozano Rodríguez was born in Granada, Spain, where she did her PhD in Fine Arts at the University of Granada. Currently she is dedicated to teaching Fine Arts in university in the areas of illustration and sculpture, with interventions in international congresses and publications on ar...READ MORE ABOUT THIS ILLUSTRATOR

Being brave

Loved this book - helped me talk to my 3 year old son and 4 year old daughter about fears and the illustrations gave us lots to talk about as well.
Cindy -  11th December 2020

A nice easy way to open up conversations

My 4 year old daughter loved this book and will often want to re-read it as she’s picked up a few new words and wants to (pretend) read it herself.. It has opened up the conversation between us around things she’s scared of and then working through it to make her ‘brave’ and no longer scared or worried - for example: jumping into the foam pit at gymnast. My daughter is not someone who appears scared of much but the other thing this book has done for her is help her understand other kids and also her little brother when he gets a bit upset (eg hearing thunder).. It’s a good length and the illustration is very bright and colourful and gives us lots to chat about. I would absolutely recommend.
Tina -  2nd December 2020

Wonderful Book

The book is very good. Liked it so much. Easy to read to my child as well. A good recommendation. The book makes a lot of sense and helps us understand the need to guide children well and not leave them unattended at a young age alone. The more time we spend with our children the more we groom them to be a good person. Very well done. Thanks for the book.
Jacqueline Chan -  2nd December 2020

Great storyline, colourful book!

Very entertaining book! My kids loved the story plot and with the current pandemic going on, they picked up reading as a hobby; after this book instead of using their mobile devices. Just for your reference my kids are 8 years old! I strongly recommend adults to get this book to start of your kid's reading habits from a young age and of course keep them occupied with an entertaining plot! Would definitely rate this book a concrete 10/10 and looking forward to more reading materials from Natasha George and Isabel Lozano!
Dr David- PhD in Aeronautical Science -  2nd December 2020

Brilliant concept of addressing the big fears of our little ones

The book has been read so many times to my children who can relate to it so much! It is a very inclusive and interactive book which has allowed my kiddos (3 & 5 year- olds) to express their fears in ways that make them feel safe!
We have so much of discussion & bonding over the content of the book and it makes me so happy that they open up to voice themselves as growing children.

Surprisingly, my oldest is very fearful of balloons and no bedtime book that I’ve read to my kids thus far has ever addressed such a fear that is, at times, considered meaningless or superficial.
Superb content and very relatable to my children who are of the same age group as the kids in the book!
Love it and I definitely know my little ones love the book too as I am always given this book to read to them before bedtime!

10/10 would recommend this FUNTASTIC book to parents and teachers of little kiddos who love adventures and exploring 😍
Sheri -  2nd December 2020

Bedtime made engaging with Fearless Wings

Filled with vibrant illustrations and cute characters, Fearless Wings is the perfect bedtime read for the young ones. It’s so important to normalise expressing our emotions for there is strength to gain from it. We often forget that our kids are experiencing everything for the first time. This book is perfect to talk about overcoming the daunting adventures that childhood can bring. Such a fun and motivational read for my kids and they love it so much!! Will definitely recommend all caregivers to give this book a shot!!! (Best for those aged 8 and below)
Tashey C. -  2nd December 2020

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