Feel the Flame

Author : Lochana RadaliyagodaIllustrator : Juliette DudleyAge : 3 - 6 yearsIt starts with a flicker. The burn within that pushes us to strive for what we deserve, to crack the glass ceiling, to break through the metal bars and to make our mark.

A fire struggles to flourish on its own, but as it spreads, it becomes unstoppable. Follow Princess Lana on her journey to take her flame and spread it like a roaring fire through the bush. We are unstoppable together. Feel the Flame written by a young author, illustrates the strength within women, unity, and the youth.
Release date : 1st November 2023
HardbackISBN : 978-1-922833-69-3$26.95
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About the Author

Author : Lochana RadaliyagodaMy name is Lochana Radaliyagoda, I’m 17 years old and the author of Feel the Flame. As a dancing teacher my life is filled with bubbly little women, they often tell stories about their lives and various adventures they take part in, but as they get to that chapter that they are most passionate about, a glimmer in their eyes begins to shine....READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

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