The A-Z of Money

Author : Hayley Brooks & Jeff BrooksIllustrator : Trent LambertAge : 3 - 8 yearsThe A-Z of Money is designed as a simple and easy way to teach your tiny entrepreneurs about the basics of finance.Release date : 1st December 2020
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-922358-23-3$24.95
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About the Author and Illustrator

Author : Hayley Brooks & Jeff BrooksHayley and Jeff are a father-daughter duo. Jeff raised 5 children and always aimed to give them a sound understanding of finances, “things you don’t learn in school.” It was something he was never taught and meant he had to learn from his own - sometimes costly - mistakes. Hayley h...READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR
Illustrator : Trent LambertTrent Lambert is an illustrator currently drawing in southern Adelaide. Trent loves creating characters with a story, the world they live in, and why they are how they are. His earliest memories of drawing are re-illustrating Mario Bros castles, but with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joining in t...READ MORE ABOUT THIS ILLUSTRATOR

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