Illustrator Trent Lambert

Trent Lambert is an illustrator currently drawing in southern Adelaide. Trent loves creating characters with a story, the world they live in, and why they are how they are. His earliest memories of drawing are re-illustrating Mario Bros castles, but with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles joining in too. His love for cartoons, illustration and animation come from 90's cartoons, video games, toys, street art, skateboarding and all things wacky and weird. After receiving an Advanced Diploma of Advertising and Graphic Design in 2011, it was time to hit the real world - by drawing a cartoon one. In his free time, Trent hangs out with his wife and cats, playing video games, gardening or collecting toys.

Books by Trent Lambert

The A-Z of Money $24.95Paperback 
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