The Lazy Lizard

Author : Tamara FlorianiIllustrator : Paula FormosaOne summer’s day in the bush, a lazy lizard finds himself caught in the path of a bushfire! With the help of some kind bushland friends, can the lazy lizard find his way to safety?Release date : 1st November 2022
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-922833-97-6$16.95
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About the Author

Author : Tamara FlorianiTamara Floriani is a pre-school teacher and currently studying her Master of Teaching degree with Swinburne University. Tamara’s real love in life is her four children Reanna, Aiden, Natalia and Maleah as well as her belated husband, Steven, who is deeply cherished and missed. Writing a children’s book has been her passion for a long ti...READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

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