The Secret Doorway - Four Go on an Adventure - Book 1

Author : Catherine SheridanAge : 7 - 13 yearsAnna has always had special gifts of seeing and feeling things that others cannot. Even her dreams would often show her future events. When Anna and her brother Peter start exploring a forest on their first holiday in Ireland, they soon find themselves on a magical adventure! Along with their new friends Liam and Cara, the four children encounter mysterious happenings and a danger that only they can face.Release date : 1st December 2023
PaperbackISBN : 978-1-922833-29-7$18.95
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About the Author

Author : Catherine SheridanCatherine Sheridan is currently living in Townsville, North Queensland. She loves writing books getting inspiration looking outside her window at the birds playing amongst the flowers. When she’s not taking care of family or painting and gardening, Catherine enjoys spending rainy days snuggling up with a hot cuppa.READ MORE ABOUT THIS AUTHOR

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